Thursday, February 21, 2008

new verse to metal queen

"My Highland, Metal-heavy Queen"

"She's from that high, high land,
where the land's so high
a Scot's-Jew banker
couldn't pay for the ride.

She's my metal-heavin' queen,
my lost love, so full of steam.
She's my metal-heavy queen,
Got the corn-uh on da market
her commodity, a dream.

Platinum, gold, silver and brass
her commodity's a dream
metal queen, ain't gotta ask
she's got da metal for da takin
she's a metal-heavin' dream,

oh my love,
my metal-heavy dream
she got the molten metal steam
that gal's my metal-heavy queen.

Her arse is like an ingot,
a mold fer freezin' steel.
so globular with ringlets,
of hair that makes you reel.

And so I go on dancin',
and playin' my guitar -
for that arse that waits me yonder
molten, sticky (just like tar).

She's my luva-luva,
my metal-heavy dream!
when that arse of hers starts firin'
watch out! Your head is full of steam.

And so I go on uh-dancin',
and playing my gueetar,
fer if I did stop dancin'
she'd fire like a 'splodin' star!

She's a metal heavin' dream,
a heavin' metal queen
but if her arse starts firing [barely audible]
it'll kill ya, you'll be creamed [inaudible - the kids will have to really pump up the volume on this one]

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