Saturday, May 5, 2007

2007 Tour

Hey Nessies,

I just got a call from my cousin Pete, who said he got ahold of the tour schedule. Inverness is going to open in Atlanta, but the date is not set. All they know for certain right now is that it's being run through Drummer Entertainment and South-South Promotions, and they're going to play some big parks. The tour is supposed to kick off in June and the US leg is supposed to last until August. Then their supposed to do the European leg and then Asia. Keep your eyes on the site for more info!!!


NessRanger said...

Rock on! Can't wait to see them in Birmingham. I saw them last year there and they were AWESOME! DINGUS ROCKS! I hope they play Birmingham again AND SMOKE IT!

Wraith-garrrr said...

Fulke Fortune is the Hendrix of the mandolin. Rock on Fulke, where-ever you are!

Fulke Fortune said...

I'm in a place called Pyriton Alabama. I got here cause I thought we were playing some place called Hotlanta, and I figured "Pyri" was like a Pyri-maniac er something.

The chick kicked me out when she found out I'd lost my kilt.

HELP! Send money (and directions to this Hotlanta place).

Teri Thatcher said...

I saw them in Birmingham, England, oncce maaaan.


Was sumthin alright. Alright, already.

They pumped, maaan.

That madalin, maaaan.

Kick ass, get high, "grass on" blue boys of the highland range...grass on!


Rah-huh-magine said...

Veddy Veddy good bond. Much enjoy Fulke's riff on see ballad "I'm Stuck Here in Bamie Wud Gawgie on my Mind". Also particularly fond of the Kentucky psychedelic breakdown, "Breaking Wind at the Windbreak Hotel". It was scdeaming duds and dudettes. Grass on, grass cadets! Grass on.